I am Orel Levy, a multidisciplinary artist, surfer, and boxer, born and raised in Israel. Throughout my lifetime, I have gone through a rollercoaster, both mentally and physically. While searching for the comfortable place within my life, I found creating personal decorative art as a symbolic value, which simulates my mind and creates a peaceful & calm mindset, taking off any masks and shields and creating a feeling of belonging to the right place, thus controlling time in every moment.

As a way of expressing these messages in my art, I come to convey them from the place of expressing this uncertainty from your home, so that you can feel like a person who belongs in your safe space, regardless of everything you have experienced and seen outside.
Through Light DCS you will be able to draw your own reality by viewing visuals, they are a guide, they create a good image worth a thousand words. This is how I believe we will become better people, first for ourselves, then for others. We go to bed with ourselves at night, our soul leaves our body at night to cleanse ourself of messages and to dictate our own path, and when it returns to the body in the morning, you will radiate good energy.
My works of art in LDCS, which are intended for the widest audience and can adapt to LDCS values, give you the feeling that we are also on a journey in time in which you can find the purity in words and values in us. This will enable you to connect to yourself, to your creation, to your environment. A method I use at LDCS is a 'horse of time' that runs on layers and a perceptual element of one kind or another, meaning that it transcends logic, space, and religion.

I emphasize the values of LDCS in a way that is hidden from the eye, but with a deeper observation, it is possible to distill and comprehend the depth where the spark of personal light flies in the displayed field of darkness..
For me, as soon as I can create freely without limitations and touch as many hearts as possible that thirst for freedom. My true happiness comes from making viewers understand their vocations as a way of my art, so they themselves can be the true creators of their lives.
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