I am Orel Levy, a multidisciplinary artist, surfer, and boxer, born and raised in Israel. My life has been a rollercoaster, both mentally and physically. While searching for a place of comfort within my life, I found that creating personal decorative art holds symbolic value. It simulates my mind, creates a peaceful and calm mindset, removes any masks and shields, and fosters a feeling of belonging to the right place, thus allowing me to control time in every moment.

My art is deeply intertwined with my life experiences and spiritual beliefs. It is driven by a relentless quest to push boundaries and explore the depths of human emotion and understanding. For me, art is not just a form of expression but a medium to bridge the gap between light and darkness, symbolizing the complexities of everyday life.

I use surfboards as canvases, a choice that highlights my technical mastery and distinctive approach. Surfing, a sport central to my life, symbolizes flow, freedom, and joy. The upward bow of the surfboard points towards the sky, representing a connection and direction towards God. This visual metaphor is rooted in the first verse of the Torah: "God created the heavens and the earth." First the sky, then the earth.

I believe that every person is a unique world, a child of God, facing their own struggles. I constantly ask, "Why?"—a question that drives my creativity and introspection. My works are meant to remind people of their true selves and their personal goals, helping them stay connected to their purpose and inner light.

​​​​​​​Through Light DCS, viewers can draw their own reality by observing visuals that guide and create images worth a thousand words. This is how I believe we will become better people, first for ourselves, then for others. We go to bed with ourselves at night, our soul leaves our body to cleanse itself of messages and to dictate our path. When it returns to the body in the morning, we radiate good energy.
My works, intended for the widest audience, are adaptable to LDCS values. They provide a feeling of embarking on a journey in which purity in words and values can be found. This enables a connection to oneself, one's creation, and one's environment. The 'horse of time' method used at LDCS runs on layers and a perceptual element that transcends logic, space, and religion.

I emphasize LDCS values in a way that is hidden from the eye but can be distilled and comprehended through deeper observation. This reveals the spark of personal light in the displayed field of darkness.

My true happiness comes from creating freely without limitations and touching the hearts of those who thirst for freedom. I aim to make viewers understand their vocations through my art so they can become the true creators of their lives.

My art invites viewers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and honesty. By presenting visuals that are modest yet profound, I encourage viewers to expand their knowledge and question societal norms. My goal is to help people find value and simplify their journey through art, fostering a deeper connection with themselves and their environment.

Achieving long-term success requires a deep synchronization between the heart and mind. This balance helps focus on positive goals while avoiding burnout and harm to oneself or others.

In summary, my art is a testament to my faith and my mission to spread divine light. Through my works, I aim to touch as many hearts as possible, encouraging viewers to understand their vocations and become the true creators of their lives.
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